Koppers Fabricators, Inc.

Koppers Fabricators, Inc. is proud to serve our community and clients for over 50 years.

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Our pride is in our quality and craftsmanship. We will ensure your project is done with the upmost quality and craftsmanship.

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We have experience and expertise in working with various metals including aluminum, architectural bronze, and stainless steel.

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We can consult with you and your team to design and build your ironworking and metal working project.

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We are a family woman-owned and operated business since 1970. We are looking toward the 3rd generation to serve the Washington, DC Metropolitan area for many years to come.

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Our team will strive to meet and exceed your expectations for your ironworking and metalworking project.

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Owners Joseph and Patricia Koppers were the 2019 Cliff Brown Award recipients by NOMMA, the National Ornamental and Misc. Metals Association.


We are a family owned and operated business, meeting our client’s needs for over 50 years. We offer a wide variety of services to meet all of your structural steel, ornamental, and misc. metal needs from temporary shoring and structural steel to decorative and ornamental stairs and railings.

Koppers Fabricators, Inc. works with all of our contractor and homeowner clients closely to become partners and a cohesive team for all of our projects.


At Koppers Fabricators, we have complete manufacturing facilities and we are capable of processing large orders on short notice. Our quality control system assures you of the highest quality materials and workmanship. You will find that we are unsurpassed in the industry.

Contact one of our expert team members today. We will be glad to assist you in filling your requirements.



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Joseph “Joe” Koppers

Project Manager and Corporate Secretary

Joseph “Joe” Koppers founded Koppers Ironworks in 1971 which later became Koppers Fabricators, Inc. As a hands-on owner and operator, Joe has worked at every task and job within the company. His dedication and determination have made Koppers Fabricators, Inc.  what it is today. Joe currently acts as the company’s secretary and is the project manager and designer for our larger scale projects. Joe is closely involved in our projects from conception to completion. Joe’s expertise and knowledge in the construction industry enables Koppers Fabricators, Inc. to take on more challenging projects. All of our shop drawings and in-house designing is spear headed by Joe. Joe can be found in the field as installer, in the shop leading our fabrication team, or in the office engaging with our clients and customers. Joe continues to be backbone and driving force of Koppers Fabricators, Inc. 

Joe currently holds a life membership with the American Welding Society, AWS. Koppers Fabricators, Inc. has also been a long-time member of NOMMA, the National Ornamental and Misc. Metals Association. In the late 1970’s to mid-1980’s Joe served as a board member of NOMMA and served on the Bi-Laws Committee and also the Standards Committee. The Standards Committee promotes responsible and safety standards for the ironworking and metalworking industry. Joe continues to be an active member of NOMMA and promotes education and training within the industry. 

Patricia “Patty” Koppers

Accounting Administrator and Corporate President

Patricia “Patty” Koppers joined Joe in the business after they married in 1975. Patty took on the role as the accounting administrator and the benefit coordinator for our employees. Patty became a self-taught “book keeper” when everything was done on ledger sheets.  When the company incorporated in 1977, Patty became the president of Koppers Fabricators, Inc. As a woman owned business Koppers Fabricators, Inc has been able to qualify for a broader range of projects. Patty has attended many seminars on contract law for DC, Maryland and Virginia. Patty’s knowledge and expertise has been a benefit to the company as it has grown over the years. Patty has maintained a vital role at Koppers Fabricators, Inc.  and continues to be very active in the daily operations of the business.   

Patty also has been a driving force in NOMMA, the National Misc. Metals Association, and the continuation and growth of the local Washington DC Chapter. In the late 1970’s into the early 1990’s Patty acted and served as various roles of the local chapter including President. Patty spear headed local chapter meetings and seminars to further education and training within the ironworking and metalworking industry in the Washington DC area

Evelyn Simmons

Office Administrator and Corporate Vice President

Evelyn Simmons, Joe and Patty’s eldest daughter has grown up “in the business.”  She has worked part time at Koppers Fabricators, Inc.  throughout high school and college. Evelyn has learned all aspects of the business from fabrication, installation, estimating and admirative functions; learning the business from the ground up. In 2001 Evelyn graduated with a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management from the College of Mount St. Vincent in Riverdale, NY. Upon graduation, Evelyn began working full time at Koppers Fabricators, Inc. Currently Evelyn acts in the administrative and customer service side of the business. She is also currently the Vice President of the company. Evelyn is interested in expanding the partnerships that the company has established within the community, and welcomes new clients to Koppers Fabricators, Inc.

Chris Kennedy

Shop Manager and Estimator

Christopher “Chris” Kennedy has been working in the ironworking and metal working industry for over 20 years. Chris is currently the shop manager and an estimator with Koppers Fabricators, Inc. Chris’ knowledge enables him to coordinate projects with our clients and contractor partners once they have gone into production. Chris’ often will act as an estimator and coordinates projects with the administrative team and our clients.  He works closely with our shop fabricators to ensure every project meets our clients’ expectations. Chris also specializes in non-ferris welding which includes aluminum and stainless steel. Chris’ knowledge and longevity in the ironworking and metalworking field makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Jose Cruz

Field Installer and Welder

Jose Cruz joined Koppers Fabricators, Inc. in 2003 as a welder and field installer. Since joining Koppers Fabricators, Inc. Jose has become a lead installer and foreman. Jose works closely with our clients and contracting partners to coordinate all of our installation projects. Jose’s gained knowledge and expertise enables him to lead many different types of projects from temporary shoring and structural steel to stairs and railings. Jose’s close attention to detail and skillset makes him a valuable team member at Koppers Fabricators, Inc. Jose consistently walks away from a completed project with high complements and praises form our clients. 

Kenedi Mendez

Shop Fabricator and Welder

Kenedi Mendez became a part of our fabrication team in 2008. Kenedi joined Koppers Fabricators Inc as a shop laborer and quickly learned many facets of the fabrication and production trade. Kenedi is now a valued member of Koppers Fabricators, Inc. He has become very skilled welder in our shop as well as our shearing and bending fabricator and structural steel fabricator.  Kenedi does any task that is needed in our shop to complete a project. His dedication and craftsman ship are vital assets to Koppers Fabricators, Inc.

Rene Flores

Shop Fabricator and Welder

Koppers Fabricators, Inc. gained Rene Flores in 2004 as a shop laborer. Rene quickly learned many aspects of shop fabrication and production. He has since become a welder that specializes in spiral stairs, stair structures, and railings, just to name a few. Rene also acts an extra installer in the field for bigger projects and is often our delivery driver. Rene fills many roles here at Koppers Fabricators, Inc. and his versatility is a valuable benefit to our team at Koppers Fabricators, Inc. Rene will work where ever need and when ever needed to complete a project.   

Sean Simmons

Field Installer and Welder Apprentice

Sean Simmons is the oldest grandson of Joe and Patty, as well as Evelyn’s son. Sean has worked part time at Koppers Fabricators, Inc while in high school. Sean has learned many aspects of shop fabrication and production; however, he excels in field installation. Sean ‘s natural grasp of the construction industry including blue print reading and onsite coordination, has been an asset to Koppers Fabricators, Inc. Sean’s determination and willingness to expand his knowledge of the ironworking and metalworking industry have made him an asset and is the future of Koppers Fabricators, Inc. Sean is excited to learn and grow into the business upon his high school graduation in 2021.

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providing fast and reliable service.


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